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From Shoreham, NY:

As a former sufferer of IBS, I consider myself stable now after having followed this100-day program, even though I often fell asleep while listening to the hypnotherapy CDs.

If you or someone you know suffers with IBS, please take the time to visit this website, view results of the program, and read users’ comments and reviews. This is a highly effective treatment for IBS with no risks or side-effects like conventional drugs.

From Bettybw53 on

To all that have IBS…. there IS a brain gut connection and there is something that can help you control it. I have been tremendously helped by Michael Mahoney “gut specific” hypnotherapeutic audio program. I am not associated in any way with this product except to say that it WORKS.

There are 4 CD’s, 100 days of listening. It is magic how it works. Amazing. I started listening one year ago, for 100 days. I am so much better. I used to have to stop to go to the bathroom on the way to work, no more. I used to have gas and bloating, no more. I used to worry about long car trips, standing in line, where to go after eating out….. the list goes on … you know. I now have the tools Michael Mahoney talks about and my mind takes over…. and I am better. Amazing. Betty

Excerpt of Letter From Jean on HelpForIBS:

No Pain, No Cramping For Over A Year!

Hello Heather and other IBS friends,

I read this newsletter every month and whether or not you publish my letter is a-ok with me. I cannot tell you how much help finding your website, information and suggestions gave me hope when I first started having the IBS. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking time to share all you have learned and all your wonderful products.

I have to strongly, strongly recommend to other folks who deal with IBS the IBS Audio Program 100® (Self Hypnosis). It is fantastic and has served me well for over a year now.

With the help of your site and the help of the audio program I am symptom-free now. It’s truly a blessing.

For example: My IBS was so horrible that the summer of 2008 I cancelled my annual summer visit to my sister’s in San Diego. And this is the highlight vacation of my entire year, each year.

I had read all the suggestions from Heather and read her books but what really saved my life, literally, was the IBS Audio Self Hypnosis Program.

I know stress triggers my symptoms because occasionally still I will get the gentle ache that is the signal that the unlivable symptoms may begin. I can immediately revert back to what I learned on the CDs and work through it in minutes!

This past summer of 2009 and on my other short trips, and also here at home, everything is wonderful. No more PAIN. No more cramping. No more eternal bathroom visits.

Thank you so much for being available, Heather, and offering life-changing help for those who suffer with IBS…

For those mulling over whether the hypnotherapy CDs are worth the cost, I wholeheartedly say YES! WELL WORTH IT!

I just wanted to add that I have seen many, many doctors prior to using the CDs and I mentioned your name and recommended your site to my Primary Care doc, my GE doc, and a therapist. The therapist was especially interested and wrote down the info.

I wish more professional health care workers knew about you.

Kindest regards, Jean

From Sanger, CA

This is a remarkable program.  I used it about five years ago and my symptoms are all but gone!  I hope someone else can benefit from this program as I have.


Success – From Lynn on HelpForIBS:

Dear Marilyn,

My life has done a 360 since doing Mike’s tapes. I have gone through the program 3 times, and I am 100% IBS free. I know some would say this is not possible and would say you are symptom-free, stable, etc., but I choose to say IBS free, and it feels good.

Mike’s tapes were the bulk of my healing, but I also tweaked my hormones. I saw a naturopathic physician, who found I had nil Progesterone. After supplementing with natural (BHRT) cream, that was just the icing on the cake for me.

For those that say hypnosis does not work for them, who do a hit or miss of the program, or stop and start it and then say it does not work, I am here to say it does. You have to stay focused and commit to the program, follow the schedule, and realize it does not happen overnight. Sometimes, as in my case, you may have to go through the program several times. Don’t give up too quickly.

Today, IBS is the farthest thing from my mind. I eat what I want, go wherever I want, and travel with my occupation. I am a new person, mostly due to Mike’s tremendous contribution to this condition.

Please express my deepest thanks to him. I might check back in, in another 6 months. Lynn


Ms M.E.S ~ PA

I used the IBS Audio Program 100 CDs and loved them!!


Mr D.A N. Sheilds N.E England. Hand written letter to Michael at his practice.

On 30 March 2006, I purchased the IBS 100 CD set & consider myself to be effectively cured of this condition thanks to your CD set … Thank you Michael!

Soothing – From Sofia on Amazon

I’ve been using the (IBS) program for three weeks now, just before I go to bed. I’ve found the sessions very soothing–so much so that I have been unable to stay awake all the way through (on average, about 30 min). Per author, this is okay as your subconscious mind continues to take in the info. My IBS is very mild, so it is hard to comment on how the program has affected my symptoms. However, I generally feel less tense and am able to fall asleep easily and stay asleep, something that was a challenge for me off and on for quite some time.

From Fort Collins, Colorado

The IBS Audio Program 100® is truly incredible– it absolutely changed my life.  Don’t take my word for it, though– check out the reviews… I personally have nothing bad to say about this program.  It’s calm, it’s soothing, and it works.  Seriously.

From Laura B Cheshire England Regarding the Anxiety Programme

Hi Mike, Just wanted to say thanks for the anxiety programme I am really enjoying it and find I can really relate to all the things you say! Although not yet finished it I thought I would send an update. I found the resource libraries very good and explanations you give are an excellent description of the way it sometimes feels! Basically it feels as though the whole programme was written for me personally! When I get my dizzy spells I just think to myself its only anxiety its just a thought! I have made some positive progress feeling a lot more confidant.

On the whole I am feeling pretty good still have bad days but they are just that days as opposed to weeks. Thanks again ~Laura B Cheshire England


From Diane L. Oconnor, Richton Park, IL – FIVE Stars – Amazon Review

I haven’t completed this 100 day course yet but I have been enjoying it. I’m more aware of when I tense up which makes it possible for me to calm down sooner and relax the muscles in my stomach.

From Patricia R. from Georgia

Four months have gone by since I have ordered and completed Michael Mahoney’s IBS CD’s, and I have not had an attack since!  I am thrilled and sometimes still cannot believe this wonderful success.  I really miss the relaxation of listening to the CD’s, and so after researching found that Michael has other CD’s for various situations and am eagerly awaiting my newly ordered CD set.  I can not recommend the IBS set enough.  Thank you, Michael!!

From CM Bickel on HelpForIBS:

PLEASE stick with the hypnosis CD’s…they are a godsend. Having IBS-D for 19 years, they helped me…, more than anything ever! Thanks forever…!!! CMB

From Gerikat on HelpForIBS:

It is great, great, great!!!!! I cannot say enough good things about the (IBS Audio) program. No, you don’t listen every night…there are breaks. If you miss a night, you go back to the day before and pick up where you left off. Michael Mahoney is a godsend. All of the instructions come with the CD’s… Good Luck!


From Cape Girardeau, MO

I purchased and used this 4 CD audio program to help me through recurring pain and discomfort in my midsection that the doctor diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  This was a 4-5 years ago.  It helped me get my mind straight and get through that period and I held onto it in case I needed it with another bout of the problem.  So far so good…


Letter received at Michael’s Practice

Mr Mahoney,
I have suffered with IBS for many years and I’m pretty sure I have tried everything that was ever suggested for relief. I spent nights searching the internet to find any different solutions to try. I tried diets, supplements, even crazier diets, lots of different medication, but nothing seemed to work for very long. I had limited my social life to nearly noting, as I was too afraid to go to far from home. My husband was always mad or disappointed in me because I wouldn’t participate in any outside interests.

Finally, one night while I was searching the internet, I was on the site ‘’ and one entry started with the words – “If you have tried everything else with no relief, you have to try this”. I read on and the woman described your IBS Audio Program 100. I went to the site, read all the information, then checked out your site and learned about you and your qualifications. I ordered the program and followed it faithfully. I began to see positive results after two sessions. I have completed your program and have never felt better. I can not express to you the gratitude I feel for you giving me back my life. Your audio tapes (CDs) helped me in all areas of my life, but it is such a great feeling to be amongst the “living” again. I can enjoy some of the food that I had given up and have no fear of eating out or attending social gatherings. I was even able to give up some of the medication that I had been taking for the stomach pain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!. My next problem is that now that I can eat almost anything, I am gaining weight. Do you have an audio program for that, also?

Again, the words “thank you” do not come near encompassing the gratitude I feel for the relief you have given me. THANK YOU!!!

Pontiac IL

From Ann on

… I tried them (the IBS Audio Program CDs) last year and found them to be very helpful. It helped relieve my anxiety and in turn relieved my symptoms. I highly recommend them.

Excerpt from letter on Heather’s IBS Newsletter from South Africa

Improved Beyond All Recognition!

Dear Heather,

Although I live in South Africa, I use the Tummy Tamers peppermint oil caps… In fact, I use far fewer of them now, as I have improved beyond all recognition compared to how I was just a few years ago.

I am sure using the IBS hypnosis program made a huge difference too, so thank you for giving me back my life….

Kind regards,

Val Waters

From Dailystrength Success Story

Hi everyone,

I used to have IBS and now I no longer suffer from it. I used to never be able to leave my house, was scared to have a job or go on holiday etc….It really does ruin your life.

I suffered for 5 years from it but have now been free of it for a year and a half. It used to control my life but now I don’t even think about it ever!

I don’t know if anyone has heard of it but I used the IBS Audio Program 100® as part of my treatment. I think it was really good and I would recommend it. I think it’s worth it.

Private Letter From SJF Wilts. England

Dear Healthy Audio,
I want to get a message to Michael about his IBS Audio Program 100. I have to say this is just the best thing I have done. Your voice is soothing and your understanding of IBS and how it made me feel was amazing.  I am a new fan, and have told literally all my family, friends and workmates about you.  I have been asked so many times about how it works, and I have to say I simply don’t know, there is nothing I had to do but listen to you. One thing I do tell people though is that you bring a special understanding and gentleness through your program, it often felt as if you were literally guiding me by the hand through those troublesome times, and I am so grateful to you for it.  All that was nearly 12 months ago, and now I am so different and alive and enjoying life. I know you have heard it before from many people, but I wanted to add my voice to praising your work. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you so so  much for your work and dedication.

Update From Erica in New York on HelpForIBS

I’ve been finished with the program for a week and a half. I still listen to session 5 every few days (It helps clear my head and I sleep more soundly).
My IBS-D has improved dramatically!
I had a week and half off from work last week with no IBS symptoms. I went back to work on Monday expecting very severe D, but to my surprise None! I went once (formed) Mon, Tues, and today. Usually I’m very stressed about going to work thus the D.

Highly recommend the CDs!!

From Erica in New York on HelpForIBS

I’m almost done with the 100 day program, around day 90.
It has taken some time to realize that my symptoms have improved.
I’m not completely free of IBS, still have some cramping and nausea occasionally. BUT, my D has subsided significantly! And I’m back to eating somewhat freely on the weekends with not much consequence.
I no longer have to stop on the way to work to use the bathroom and in general I go maybe 1-3 times in the am compared to 4-8 times.
I would say my improvement was VERY gradual, I didn’t see it happen right away. so keep at it!!
Good luck! – Erica – IBS-D

From tired of ibs-d – Ontario, Canada on IBSGroup

I joined this site when I ordered the IBS Audio Program 100. I wanted to really give the listening a chance so, as others usually post a week into the program or when they first ordered it… I decided to wait. I’ve suffered from IBS-D since 1999 or 2000, some weeks daily, others a few times a week. I’m a male living in Ontario, Canada.. nearing the age of 40.

I was at my wits end with IBS-D (as my username states) … there was the prospect of a new job that would require travel on the horizon. Since, the job hasn’t panned out.. but I got the program anyway…. I was just plain exhausted from this horrible syndrome. (to me, ‘syndrome’ is in my head).

I am currently on day 85.

I have seen some improvement. Specifically, by day 27 which is the first ‘rating’ that you compare when you first start the program. I would say in general by day 27 I had improved by nearly 50%. Initially, that was a pretty large change in my mind.

Don’t misunderstand, the program doesn’t magically make it all go away, it’s still there. It merely talks to your subconscious and helps your mind better deal with the anxiety and such that the IBS brings.

So far, I still have instances of IBS-D … just not as many. I’m okay with that. To me, it was worth the money, anything less is an improvement.

Now, at day 85.. from the start of the program I’d estimate I’m improved around 75% … I will continue to use the recordings even after day 100.

It’s better controlled, I’ve had instances that I have still had to make an urgent stop and use a washroom. I’ve also had times I’d forgotten about… times that I have had the anxiety and bubbling in my stomach and it has passed…. I didn’t need to stop. I almost forgot what that was like.

I’ll continue to update my program/progress… Thanks

From Glasgowgirl on

I can’t speak for all hypnotherapy programs but If you’re talking about the IBS Audio 100 program then they’re excellent. They really helped relieve my anxiety and I have noticed a improvement in symptoms.


Email to Healthy Audio office from AJR, Houston, Texas

Mr. Mahoney, please accept this note as my deepest thanks for your IBS 100 program.  I am now 70 years of age and in excellent health.  I have however been dealing with IBS for about 5 years now, and I am convinced it has been caused by stress and anxiety.  In addition, when I have had frequent bouts with bloating etc.  my heart would go into atrial fibrillation, which my electrophysiologist attributes to the vegas nerve activity.  Early in my course with IBS my physician put me on Lexapro, which I stopped because it gave me nightmares.  More recently I was on Zoloft, with the same problem, although it was not as bad.  Since taking your IBS 100 program,  I have been off the Zoloft for over 2 months and feel really well again.  I do watch my diet,  but for the most part I consider the program a real Godsend.  Your hard work and dedication have worked wonders for me.

For that I am deeply grateful and I wish there was yet another way to express my gratitude.
I am also interested in your course for managing stress and anxiety and will be ordering that today. Again,  thank you for your work.

Update from Lynn

I feel the CD’s are great! I am so much better with all of my symptoms. I may experience a setback maybe once every month and that is it, and the good part is I don’t stress about it. Compare that to 2-3 times per week, 2-3 weeks per month. When I say setback it is nothing like I used to experience, with 15 trips to the bathroom before I could leave the house.

I am one of the IBSers that has no pain. I do not experience cramps, but I do get uncomfortable at times with the gas/bloating and the more predominate C than D. Sometimes I would get colicky type pains in my upper abdomen, especially if I use Imodium, so I try to steer clear of that.

I am firmly convinced that my is 99% emotional/mental/stress related. I have been eating pretty much what I want, within my own set of guidelines. I eat for health, so I keep it clean.

I am going to repeat the CD’s once I get through them. You need to wait about 2 months, but that’s OK, because I am going to order Mike’s anxiety CD’s, and use those in the interim. Lynn.


Email to Office from O.G Canada.

Hello, just wanted to let you know that I purchased your IBS program and it changed my life. Thank you so much, and God bless!
Please keep me posted for the release of the Confidence & Self Esteem CD. Thanks again!

From Aurifere in New York, NY

If you or someone you know suffers from IBS, The IBS Audio Program 100 for Irritable Bowel Syndrome self-hypnosis is THE best IBS audio program on the market. Michael Mahoney is the UK’s leading specialist in gut-specific hypnotherapy for IBS. Not only is he an expert with a proven track record but (and this is important) his voice is wonderful — mellow, pleasant and relaxing. It’s a soothing voice you can easily live with day after day, unlike many relaxation/hypnosis/meditation voices!

From Carole on

Hi everyone,
I’m new to this site and I just have to share with people on here who suffer with IBS, I have suffered with it for over a year now and had tried everything from peppermint tea to prescribed medication from my GP, nothing seemed to work for me. I changed my diet completely and it helped but was still getting flare ups of the IBS, (the IBS I have is diarrhoea predominant). I sometimes used to pass out with the pain that I got from it and it got to the point that I was scared to eat anything, so ended up losing quite a bit of weight, (which I needed to do anyway) but wouldn’t recommend this type of diet to people.

I was trawling the internet and stumbled across Heather Van Vorous website and found her to be marvelous in her management of IBS, she has suffered from this horrible syndrome from a very early age and because of not getting any satisfaction from doctors etc she decided to take actions into her own hands and start the website. Anyone who suffers from IBS should go to her website and read about her and the many different things that she has for relieving the symptoms of IBS.

Through this website I also came across the hypnosis CDs by Mike Mahoney, what a wonderful thing I have found, this is a 100 day programme for IBS suffers and I swear to you I have never looked back, my symptoms have literally gone! If I have a flare up its gone within a matter of two hours. This man is amazing and I would recommend this hypnotherapy CD to all IBS sufferers.

If you have not already done so then please try hypnotherapy!
Carole x

From K. Wright Five Stars – Possibly the Holy Grail of IBS Treatments on Amazon

Like most others, I tried absolutely everything before resorting to hypnotherapy, which seemed like a ridiculous way to cure my horrific stomach pains. Visiting multiple doctors and paying hundreds for all sorts of tests only to be told that nothing seemed to be wrong only worsened my stress, anxiety, and in turn, my pain.

These CD’s are the first thing that has actually made a difference– I only wish I would have saved all the money I spent on other drugs and fiber medications and doctor visits to invest in only this product. Granted, the process is a fairly long one and results are not immediate. However, if you’re committed enough to follow the program for the full 100 days, it is absolutely worth it in the end. My stomach is not completely pain-free; I still have occasional problems, but this program has given me my life back. As a bonus, it has calmed my stomach enough to really discover which foods to avoid and which seem to be perfectly safe (before the hypnotherapy, everything I ate caused an adverse reaction– and not eating sometimes made things even worse).

The best $90 I have ever spent was on this program, hands down. I hope it yields the same results for you as it did for me.


From Cindy Campbell in Virginia

The IBS Audio Program 100 helped me tremendously; I hardly have any IBS now. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. It is worth every single penny.


From Lynn/osbo54 in Conowingo, MD on HelpForIBS

Hi Marilyn, Just a quick update. I am only on day 16 and there has been a remarkable change. It is hard to explain (you probably know), but I don’t give IBS much thought anymore. If I do start to feel uneasy, it passes quickly. I don’t know why my mind is OK with it anymore, but it is. I have started to focus on the majority of my day, instead of the small part IBS may or may not play in my day. Something I have come to realize is that (at least for me), IBS is not about food, but about my mental/emotional state. I have been eating pretty much whatever I want.

I cannot wait to see how I feel on day 100. Listening to the CDs is a highlight of my day, and I look forward to it. I will check back again after about day 50. I hope to continue to progress to wellness. Thanks to you and Mike for the service that you offer. Bless you! – Lynn


From Carol Fraser, Scotland.

Dear Mike,

I would just like to thank you so much for your Hypnotherapy IBS audio CD it has changed my life so much that it is unbelievable!

I was diagnosed with IBS just about a year ago now and thought my world had come to a stand still, it affected my life so much that I sank into a depression because of all the symptoms I was having and nothing seemed to work for me, I tired everything, and then I found Heather Van Vorous’ website on IBS and then things started to get better, I bought all of the products on this website and wasn’t very sure about your CD so I left it for a while.  I read a few comments made by people about your programme and decided just after the festive holiday that I would buy it “just to see” and I swear it’s the best move I ever made.

My life is virtually back to “normal” before I suffered from IBS, I lost so much weight because I have the diarrhoea predominant IBS and was always “visiting the loo” was scared to eat anything because I felt no matter what it was it just did not agree with me, I stopped going out socially and basically I was miserable, was snapping everyone’s head’s off and was not a nice person to be around, all because I felt so ill all the time.

You saved my life Mike and I really do mean that when I say it, I’m sleeping better, eating better, and looking better, and feel absolutely wonderful, all because of your CD.  I look forward to listening to the CD every night and I love the sound of your voice, you have a very caring and understanding voice and it’s because you care about people who suffer from IBS and you know that we do really suffer and know that there basically is no solution to the symptoms from a medical point of view!  I find myself not thinking about IBS so much now, I wake in the morning and it does not cross my mind as to how long its going to be before I’m sitting in the loo with the horrible pains in my tummy and the diarrhoea, I do find though that when I do have a pain (which isn’t that often now compared to maybe three, four times a week) it leaves within 15-20 minutes of visiting the loo, its amazing I just cant say it enough to you.  You’re an angel in disguise as far as I’m concerned and I would recommend hypnotherapy to everyone I know who has IBS, I’m going to make a point of going back to my GP and asking her to recommend hypnotherapy to all her IBS sufferers, if she hasn’t already done so (which I doubt very much because she didn’t recommend it to me!).

Thank you so much Mike and all the best to you and your family. Kindest regards, Carol Fraser


Additional Update From Kansas Educator

I don’t think you’ll be sorry at all that you’re giving it a try. I am past the midpoint of the program and greatly improved. I have gone from chronic daily discomfort, pain and bloating with my IBS-C to just the occasional problem that is very short lived. It was the best money I’ve spent in a long time.


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