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…I am doing a lot better since starting (the IBS Audio Program) and am so glad I purchased it! Has helped so much already and I just started so I know down the line it will help even more! Thanks again!…

Private Email from Jennifer B.

IBS Audio Program – I have just finished the first CD and it’s benefited me greatly so far.

FIVE STARS From George in Belchertown, Massachusetts – HelpForIBS

Hi Marilyn – Just to let you know that I have finished the (IBS Audio Program) course
My symptoms are much better.  I am able to eat and drink without so much stress reaction as before.
My favourite sessions was no. 2 (and the music is beautiful). Best wishes and thanks again.

Private Email from David K-C. in the UK

Completed CD 1, feel confident that this will be helpful for my IBS.

From Veona in Youngstown, Florida

I purchased this audio CD program in 2007 when I was battling IBS. I found it very helpful.

From K. Tomlinson in Minnesota

“Excellent Michael!!! … Your hypnotherapy almost completely cured my insomnia, like 98%, as well as been a great help in my life and chronic health condition. Even if I didn’t have these issues, I would still use your work, just for general good health and my understanding of the power of the mind body connections! Better focus, boosting the immune system functioning, stress reduction, anxiety reduction and all the benefits of hypnotherapy and your work. As always, thanks Michael for all you do and all the people you have helped!

From Shawn

I have just completed the IBS Audio Program 100. It was indeed a journey well worth taking. I feel 90% better and have lost 20 lbs. My life is now mine—no more having to cancel outings and miss events that I had look forward to. No more being sick for days on end. I am much more relaxed and confident than I ever was.

With this wonderful program and daily intake of Heather’s Tummy Fiber Fibercon and prescription Hyoscyamine (when necessary), I am pretty much free of symptoms. When they do crop up, I practice the techniques that Mr. Mahoney describes, and Voila! they are gone (except for flatulence).

I was granted a full half-hour with my gastroenterologist and gave him a “presentation” of my program of how I am freeing myself of symptoms of IBS. I showed him your products and how I was using them as well as a quick rundown on Mr. Mahoney’s audio program and how it worked for me. He could see my enthusiasm and how good I looked for himself as proof.

He had never heard of all these remedies. I gave him your book, The First Year: IBS and the website. He had some good questions that I was able to answer with ease.

I hope he will use the information I gave him to treat the 20% of his patients who have IBS. He thanked me profusely for all this information. I don’t have to see him again for a year.

I am so grateful to you for sharing your experience and research with the world. I have found a better way to live because of you. Thank you and God bless.

Letter From Ann B. in Virginia via Help For IBS Newsletter


I have found the IBS Audio Program 100 very useful. My wife, who does not have IBS, also enjoys listening to the sessions.

Phone Call From Viresh J. in New Jersey


The IBS Audio Program 100 is a wonderful, fabulous program. I bought it years ago in the cassette tape format, and use it every once in a while for extra reinforcement.

Phone Call From Susan H. in California

Worth Every Penny – The IBS Audio Program 100

I suffered with IBS for more than 25 years and spent a fortune on drugs which did little to help, spent hours in GP surgeries and months of my life suffering with bloated stomach, pain and discomfort.

Having used the IBS Audio Program 100 in November 2012, I have had not one bout of IBS. It has transformed my life. Try it – for me it has been a revelation.

FIVE STARS from YYDelilah in the UK on Amazon

“I am just wrapping up Michael Mahoney’s hypnotherapy cds for IBS… I have found the cds helpful and well worth the price.  The number of bowel movements I have each day has dropped dramatically.  So has my pain.  It also takes more to get me frustrated and when anxiety strikes I am able to get it under control more quickly then I could before using the cds.  I have also been taking Zoloft so I cannot attribute all my improvement to just the cds.

Michael also has a series of cds just for anxiety.  I found the IBS cds so helpful that I have purchased those for anxiety and will start them in about a month.”

From Barb S. on IBS Group


“This article is a Product Review of the highly-effective IBS Audio Program 100 from clinical hypnotherapist, Michael Mahoney. The review was written by a subscriber …  who had such good results with hypnotherapy for IBS that she wanted to share her findings:

“I developed IBS about a year ago after a surgical procedure.  It was very difficult for me as I had always been able to eat or drink whatever I desired with no consequences.  So I went about trying to educate myself about IBS and spent many hours doing research.

One of the biggest problems for me was stress and anxiety.  I found Heather Van Vorous’s website ( where she gives a great deal of information about the use of hypnosis in treating IBS symptoms.
Her website led me to Michael Mahoney of Cheshire, England.  He is a clinical hypnotherapist who has specialized in treating IBS since 1991.  He developed the IBS Audio Program 100 for those of us who could not travel to his clinic. Michael’s website is where he provides more information on the program.
His program gives an average 85 % reduction in pain and bowel dysfunction.

The program consists of [four] CD’s: [three] progressive hypnotherapy CD’s and one CD with a great explanation of just what IBS is, that can be played to educate friends and family if you wish.

There is no work involved! You just schedule approximately 30 minutes per day for listening in a quiet environment. The program takes 100 days.

Michael has a very calm, relaxing voice that just puts you at ease.  You feel more relaxed and calm even after two or three sessions. All sessions are gut specific and build on one another. You learn ways to help you control or manage your symptoms.

Some people have remained symptom-free for seven or eight years. As with anything else, success may vary. However, the program can be repeated as often as you wish.

There are no cautions with this program; it can be used by anyone.  It … can be ordered from either or  There is no return policy as far as I know unless of course the CD’s are defective.

I have found great relief from this program. I feel more relaxed and it gave me hope that I could possibly get control over my symptoms. I now have a variety of “tricks” that I can use to relax and calm myself as well as manage other symptoms when I need them. I have and would definitely recommend the IBS Audio Program 100 to others…”

Product Review Excerpt From:

I am somehow relieved to know that this pattern has a name. It got worse and worse for me during the years of menopause and after. It’s made me late for appointments, caused me to remake appointments at the last minute, and caused me to disappoint friends and loved ones waiting for me in business and recreation. I recently did the IBS100 self-hypnosis series, and it’s given me the most help of anything I’ve tried. In fact, I am going to start the series again in hopes of clearing up the symptoms I still have….

On from 1moreIBSr

I have used the Hypnosis a few weeks only & see amazing results. Just back from a week long cruise & very minimal problems. IBS-D. I just can’t believe this!!!! This Is Really Helping!!!!!!!!!!!! I only just started on these tapes, but I took a plane to Florida from NJ & actually had a great trip with NO PROBLEMS. I can’t believe how wonderful I feel.

From izzy/Isabelle in New Jersey on HelpForIBS

Only two weeks into the program, but find it very enjoyable and look forward to each session.

From Donald in Maryland on HelpForIBS

…I’m on Day 48 of Michael Mahoney’s wonderful IBS hypnotherapy course – OH am I glad I ordered this!!!! My anxiety levels are practically nil again, what an enormous relief!…

Excerpt from Marcia H. from HelpForIBS

…I have to say this, Marilyn, I truly feel your compassion and wanting to help. In a sense, that is a high form of kindness from one human being to another. I can’t express how grateful I am for that expression….(I loved his (Michael’s) voice on that sample audio!) …I KNOW you are doing an awesome work. I can vouch for the difference you have made in my simple life. A major difference. I will most certainly pray for your good deeds to made manifest for more of the populace suffering from this malady…

Excerpts from Private Email from Ken N

Great so far! Have been using the CD’s for only two weeks and I have already seen improvement. I am up to using the second session so far, and I hope to have continued improvement as I go along toward the whole 100 days. Thank you for all you do for IBS sufferers!!!

From Melissa from Loganville, GA on HelpForIBS

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