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The App has been developed to help you through the therapy sessions and ultimately get your IBS under control so that you can lead a normal life again. The therapy sessions have been developed over a number of years, first available on cassette in 1998 and later on CD and mp3.

Our App delivers your daily therapy sessions in 3 Steps to controlling your IBS.

icon-bubbleThe Therapy Sessions – The app delivers the daily sessions whenever and wherever you need them.
icon-bubbleMonitoring and Reporting – keep track of your symptoms and progress for you and your healthcare professional.
icon-bubbleSit back, Listen and Relax – Everything you need is at your fingertips, all you need to do is switch on and switch off.



The Program comprises six sessions, individually designed to focus on a different part of your journey to controlling your IBS both physically and mentally.

The sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes and you are encouraged to listen in a relaxed environment where you won’t be disturbed so you can focus on the therapy completely.

The sessions are in a series of six, which repeat through the 3 steps, but as the therapy progresses you will focus on different aspects of the sessions the more you listen and understand.


The start of the therapy process is setting a foundation of knowledge and reassurance, it is not a hypnotherapeutic session. We begin to answer many of the questions you may have about the IBS condition and hypnotherapy.

Session 1

This foundation session will reduce your stresses and apprehensions that are so much a part of the IBS condition, to know that you are in control at all times. We begin the process of reducing any negative thought patterns which trigger IBS and reduce your anxieties with an emphasis on calming thoughts to guide you into the feeling of complete relaxation

Session 2

You will learn the benefits of permitting the mind and body to work together and to truly begin the process  of managing IBS symptoms for the first time. You will learn to exercise control over the thoughts that can trigger IBS. You will learn to control the speed of  peristalsis to speed up (constipation) or slow down (diarrhea) which will then lead to normal bowel movements, using your mind to gently regulate your body.

Session 3

You will learn to use visualization to control the entire digestive process, from start to finish. With this imagery, you will begin to take control and mentally search for areas within the GI tract where there is IBS pain or discomfort, and then reduce these symptoms while continuing to use positive thoughts. Your symptoms should begin to decrease and old negative thought patterns will become replaced by positive thoughts, which will help develop new coping strategies, and belief systems.

Session 4

We acknowledge your struggles of the past, the many steps your IBS journey has required, and that while there may be a step back occasionally the progression forward will remain. Your old IBS thought patterns are being released more completely, and positive thoughts will be enhanced in order to achieve continued and further improvement in elimination and reduction of IBS symptoms and associated concerns.

Session 5

We give the IBS sufferer the structure necessary to allow a progression to the end of IBS in your life, with the final result of the reintroduction of both previously forbidden foods and stressful activities.

Listen to actual audio sessions

  1. Sample Audio from the Introduction
  2. Sample Audio from Session 1
  3. Sample Audio from Session 2
  4. Sample Audio from Session 3
  5. Sample Audio from Session 4
  6. Sample Audio from Session 5



These steps are designed so you can achieve goals and monitor your progress along your journey.

STEP 1 (10 Days)

An introduction to Sounds Like IBS to help you stop the slide towards feeling and getting worse. It helps you build a new understanding and gain the knowledge and necessary skills to cope. This phase builds the foundations to work confidently towards dealing with IBS and recovery.

STEP 1 lasts for 10 days and uses these two audio sessions:


STEP 2 (42 Days)

Step 2 helps you to take control and believe you can beat this condition. These sessions build your mental strength and stamina until you see and feel the emotional and physical difference.

STEP 2 lasts for 42 days and uses these four audio sessions:


STEP 3 (48 Days)

STEP 3 reinforces everything you’ve done so far. The sessions build an expectation and belief in yourself that feeling good is in your control. It assists you in the powerful transition that claims your life back, so you can move on with control and confidence.

STEP 3 lasts for 48 days and uses all six of the audio sessions:



The six sessions are delivered using a method developed over many years by Michael Mahoney called OPSIM© (Ongoing Progressive Session Induction Method).

OPSIM© works with the natural human ability of the learning and re-learning process. By learning in a structure that teaches, then re-enforces knowledge by revisiting and re-introducing aspects of the IBS program, your understanding develops over time. This learning process means that the combination and sequence of sessions develops into a true understanding of how to successfully manage your IBS.


OPSIM© is a process developed over many years by Michael Mahoney to ensure hypnotherapy sessions are optimized. This method was developed to move away from the accepted standard most widely used in hypnotherapy at the time that consisted of repeating only the same session over and over again over several months to achieve an outcome.

OPSIM© challenged the idea that mere repetition of sessions was enough. In fact, contrary to popular belief at the time, simple repetition of the same single session to improve presented physical symptoms may possibly ingrain the associated negative thoughts and feelings which are often present in many IBS individuals, thereby carrying these often non-presented and therefore unrecognized associated negative thoughts and feelings from the onset of treatment to its conclusion.

OPSIM© works with the natural human ability of the learning and re-learning process. It reinforces new and previous learnings, understanding and knowledge, revisiting accepted truths and thereby provides a confident foundation of structured learning and treatment which is progressively added through interlinking sessions, creating greater confidence and familiarity with the new learnings and understandings. These are then carried within the individual’s belief system, often developing a new internal locus of control, as far as IBS symptoms and management are concerned, and for some, their success in IBS management is carried into other areas of life.

This OPSIM© method of treatment allows greater flexibility, understanding and encouragement resulting in often improved success rates for the patient, encourages patient compliance and provides for and allows the user to take part in their own healing. Importantly, it dovetails with the specific therapeutic protocol in which it is employed.

OPSIM© is used widely in many of Michael’s major programs and by many in the hypnotherapy profession who recognize the advantages of the process and the benefits to patients and clients.



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