Have you been diagnosed with IBS? Still suffering after countless treatments and many visits to your health care provider?

One in five people will suffer from IBS at some point in their lives and there is no known cure. Around the world it has been extensively researched and acknowledged that psychological interventions are immensely successful in reducing or even eliminating IBS symptoms, but there are a lack of trained therapists and the cost of one to one sessions are very expensive.

SoundsLikeIBS has worked for hundreds of thousands of IBS patients for over a decade and used in 48 countries. Private in-house clinical trials, with a three year patient follow-up, have shown an average of 90% improvement*. Independent patient feedback for over a decade, further validates clinical trial results, with many users reporting that they have virtually walked away from their IBS symptoms.

Michael Mahoney shares his insights into IBS and the journey of the IBS sufferer




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SoundsLikeIBS offers a psychological intervention that: 

  • is available instantly and is massively cost effective
  • does not interfere with your current medications
  • reduces or eliminates IBS physical symptoms of Diarrhea, Constipation, Pain, Cramping, etc. and the accompanying worry, anxiety and emotional burdens
  • is measurable – monitor your improvement and progress against the IBSI (IBS Index)
  • has been in use for over a decade by hundreds of thousands of users
  • requires no travel worries or toilet anxiety
  • no waiting room delays or car parking expense
  • no side effects

When asked by the UK NHS to participate in a 12 month medical research study into IBS, SoundsLikeIBS recorded an 80% reduction in symptoms.

Further trials over three years reported in excess of a 90% average reduction in symptoms.

How do I tell people what IBS is?

Explaining Irritable Bowel Syndrome to friends and family is not always easy. The IBS companion© is an insightful recording explaining the IBS condition and diagnosis procedures in a simple and sensitive way. Here’s an overview video of the free IBS companion© audio that has been designed for you to share with family and friends.

Feel free to share the IBS Companion© audio

Let the IBS Companion© take away the frustration and possible embarrassment of explaining IBS to others. Let them listen to it, and understand more fully.

  1. IBS Companion



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IBS Infographic