Michael Mahoney CMH CHyp

Michael Mahoney

Britain’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapist and one of the world’s foremost authorities on IBS and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Michael is a highly experienced clinical hypnotherapist, having built a reputation for bringing genuine caring services to his patients since his first days in practice in 1986.

Providing for patients worldwide, he also holds IBS Clinics for sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome at his NHS medical centre based practices in Cheshire, England.

He has shown dedication to helping those in need for a wide range of physical and emotional conditions, and those with compromised quality of life, providing growth, healing and renewed wellbeing on all levels.

This has been especially evident with the treatment protocol he developed and uses with his IBS patients – especially those with very severe cases, often when all else has failed!

Patient success with Michael’s program had been validated through private clinical trials; and several research & innovation awards were won in recognition of innovative health solutions and validating work with IBS patients (including Her Majesty’s invitation to Buckingham Palace).

Since helping his first IBS patients at no charge in 1991, and later providing the highly successful IBS treatment sessions to the public in 1998 as the IBS Audio Program 100®, further development has been shaped both through patient feedback in Michael’s day to day treatment of IBS along with advances in technology for delivering the hypnotherapy sessions.

Michael was named number one clinical hypnotherapist in the UK by the Hypnotherapy Association in The Independent on Sunday Top Brass section. This program is the closest you can get to being personally treated by the UK’s leading IBS clinical hypnotherapy practitioner.

Modern medical science acknowledges the therapeutic use of professional hypnosis and hypnotherapy for IBS with over 30 years of clinical research studies. Performed in modern medical centre surroundings, the process of hypnosis is safe, gentle and enjoyable.

Now you can bring that safe, enjoyable experience of gentle therapy into the privacy, confidentiality and comfort of your own home – Getting better and effectively treating your IBS has never been easier or more cost effective. Michael’s caring dedication and calm and tender compassion come through each session, so that you can be on your journey to feeling better right away. Join the thousands of IBS patients who now enjoy life – you can too!